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Floral Shortages

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

“Supply chain challenges, labor shortages and poor growing conditions have led to a global shortage of fresh flowers, especially the kinds grown for events like weddings.”

“It was never a problem before, but now everything is a problem,” said Bob Conti, a partner at Ed Libby Events, a floral design company in Hackensack, N.J. “We’ll find out there are no white flowers, or the specialty rose is just not available. There is no way to get it. People can’t get containers, floral tape, supplies or even colored candles. No one can promise things. It’s been crazy. Just nuts.”


7 Ways To Help Navigate The Current Flower Shortage

“Struggling farms, supply chain slowdowns and an influx of rescheduled events have created a ‘perfect storm’ in the floral industry. Here’s what event planners should consider as they vet floral vendors right now.”


Current Flower Shortage

“In addition to all the other goods that are hard to find these days—new cars, couches, even kitchen appliances—DC’s flower professionals say there’s a shortage of flowers that’s like nothing they’ve seen before.”

“Currently, demand is at an all-time high as the industry navigates the boom of weddings that were rescheduled during the last 18 months. Some vendors say they’ve crammed three times the normal number of weddings into this season alone. On top of that, everyday consumers have also increased their demand for flowers.”


There’s a Massive Flower Shortage Right Now—Here’s What to Know

“If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, whether you just got engaged or had to postpone your 2020 wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, you’re dealing with the same set of extenuating circumstances as any other couple. In addition to planning during a full-out wedding boom—a year where more couples are getting married than they have in decades—some couples are also having to fight tooth and nail for a very important attribute for their big day: flowers.”